Hotel Tirrenia in Viareggio

hotel 3 sterren in Viareggio - Hotel op een steenworp afstand van het strand van Viareggio

Cinque Terre

It's important to remark that the Cinque Terre are not a classic touristic resort...particularly in Manarola and Corniglia everything has remained as in the past, no adjustments to the new touristic bent of these towns; local people's life has been influenced by tourism only in marginal aspects. These are, with no doubt, the main features of the Cinque Terre: a very different dimension, so distant from the towns's stress as from the "all inclusive paradises" where everything is carefully planned and organized. Of course this uniqueness requires some sacrifices: difficulties in moving and parking, lack of services, tiring up and down hikes...

After all the Cinque Terre aren't suitable for everybody; not for the ones who like (and it's a very respectable point of view indeed) exclusively a comfortable and served holiday... We don't want to run the risk that the tourist may expect something different from reality; but we well know that who loves the Cinque Terre would't desire them to be different from what they are!

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